The Dangers of Eating Too Quickly

By H&W on 1st Apr 2018

A recent article on highlighted to dangers of eating meals too quickly-and offered some suggestions on how to slow down. Author of The Mind Diet Maggie Moon explained to writer Isadora Baum. If you eat too fast you’re adding stress to the body’s digestive system by giving it a large amount of food at once to process” Your stomach is not built to process that much food at once, and it leads to a backlog of work (aka food) to work through, messing with normal metabolism.”

It takes about 20 minutes for those natural feedback mechanisms to kick in (basically when you start feeling that full feeling at one point in the meal). When you bypass that process by eating at the pace of a racetrack, the feedback mechanism to your brain is compromised, so you’re left feeling hungry still despite the plateful you might have had, says the article. Tips to eat more slowly: Sit down, dont stand up when you eat. Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and drink lots of water.

Go to for the full story.

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