Daily Crunch Snacks: Sprouted in Nashville

By Editor on 2nd Jul 2020

Bags of nuts

The health benefits of nuts and their place in the snack world are well known, but a new company based in Nashville is introducing a twist on the classic: Sprouted nuts.

First discovered in Ancient China, sprouted nuts include alfalfa greens, broccoli, and wheat sprouts. Due to the enzymes found in them, they aid in healthy digestion, as well as being packed with vitamins. Daily Crunch Snacks’ products include coffee-soaked sprouted almonds and a cherry berry nut medley, with mixed sprouted nuts with blueberries and cherries.

How did the concept of this brand originate? Diane Orley, founder of Daily Crunch Snacks explains, “I started the business in a smaller capacity after I picked up the process from my sister, who is vegetarian and a healthy eater. I tried sprouted nuts at her house and she taught me how to make them. Laurel [Orley, Diane’s niece and co-founder of Daily Crunch] then later approached me to take it bigger, and it’s been a perfect storm since then!”

The brand’s mantra is: Planted in Detroit, sprouted in Nashville. “Our offices are in Nashville. There are so many amazing brands here, we’re excited to be one of the first healthy snack brands to come out of the city. We want to make a change when it comes to snacking. It’s become the fourth meal!” says Laurel Orley, CEO, and co-founder.

The entire Daily Crunch Snacks team praised the wellness community in Nashville, highlighting the various brands and local businesses that were eager to partner with them. “Part of what is great about Nashville is that it is a melting pot of other places,” comments Dan Stephenson, COO, and the third co-founder. “People want to work with others, and as the growth has been so fast, it’s benefitting makers and new businesses.”

In addition to looking to improve the physical wellbeing of individuals through its products and recipes, Daily Crunch Snacks is committed to working with the community when it comes to mental health. Following a loss in the family, the team decided to donate proceeds to The Support Network, a non-profit that helps to address and student mental health and well-being through peer support initiatives in colleges and high schools.

The brand is on a mission to change how we snack, and according to the team, the best way is through introducing to the delicious world of sprouting nuts. “We are sharing our message, and the biggest thing we have found is that once people try it, they taste the difference. We want people to find the same passion about sprouting snacks that we have,” adds Dan.

You can purchase Daily Crunch Snacks online, or in Nashville from Batch Nashville, the Bode Hotel, Climb Nashville, the Fairlane Hotel, High Note Gifts, I Love Juice Bar, The Party Line, Produce Place and Pure Barre.

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