Covid-19: What does it all mean?

By Deborah Bishop on 13th May 2020

We live in interesting times and in fact for my own experience of the current and ongoing events, I can only say I feel as though I’m living in a Sci-Fi novel! It’s a strange new world and I think we can all agree to the fact that whatever comes next it will be a new normal. Who could have imagined this year would result in such things happening, however, some would say that according to the “signs” what is happening right now is right on time!

From a Master Astrologer’s perspective, there are the planetary alignments that happen every 100 years, which line up with the historical accounts of pandemics worldwide. From nature’s perspective, well no one can argue that mother nature has had it pretty rough and perhaps finally decided to give as good as she was getting. From a political perspective? No . . . I’m going to leave that one alone. From the human perspective, it might be that we were all just a little too focused on things that didn’t matter and had forgotten the things that did.

But none of what I’m referring to answers the question, what does it all mean? And, never has there been a time on this planet when deciding who you are going to be, has been more important.

The mindset, in theory, is interesting, in practice, however, it is about aligning your emotions and your thoughts and deciding, in the present, how you are showing up in your life and the world at large. Fear begets fear, and struggle begets struggle, lack will never exceed needs and attempting to control everything will never allow you to let go. Since the Covid-19 experience started every one of us has been confronted by our belief systems and by our internal programming.

In an attempt to answer the question what does it all mean? I offer you this for your consideration. Perhaps it is time for humanity to stop chasing the material world and start to place value where it truly belongs, in the peaceful coexistence of all life upon this planet. It may be time for us all to realize we are not here to simply take what we can get but rather we are here in the position of stewards, to care for ourselves, one another and the planet at large.

I might invite you to consider what your new normal will be. Will it be some version of what has already been, or will it be a brighter future, fueled by imagination and forward momentum? Will compassion be your “go-to”, and sustainability your mantra? Will connection, acceptance, and care become part of your daily experience while seeking to live inside of solutions that allow for us to grow and thrive as a whole, or will you look the other way and lapse into apathy? The choice is up to you.

In short, what this all means is that our future is dependent wholly upon our choices. Who you choose to be matters, not only to your life but to all life and I hope you will join me in creating a future the is vibrant, prosperous, compassionate and inspired. If not us, who? If not now, when?

You are capable of more than you know.

(Rev) Deborah Bishop
BookDeborahBishop 615 823 0073

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