Children and self-esteem: The importance of confidence

By Joni Downey on 27th Apr 2020


“I Like me” are words you would like your child to emulate with pride! Internalizing confidence in their capabilities and strength in their activities while modeling self-esteem in a compassionate way. I’ve also taught self-esteem with “I AM” for what you believe is who you become. This was extremely beneficial working with a group of Girl Scout and an elementary school. For the most part, children don’t put these words into context like we do. Digging deep or on the surface for who we are, these words become a part of your daily thought, your attitude of gratitude if you will. Personally, I’ve learned a lot about myself using these words!

Teaching a child to be confident and proud of who they are can sometimes be a challenge. Self-Esteem Elephant has met many families and children sharing a simple message of: “I Like ME” this character relates to children and helps them internalize what it means to be confident and have self-esteem. There is a fine line for the younger youth teaching them to be proud of who they are, but, without bragging. As adults, we understand the importance of confidence and self-esteem in our everyday tasks, for as Jack Canfield said: self-esteem is made up of primarily two things: “Feeling lovable and feeling capable”.

How do we incorporate this into our language and actions while raising our own children?  We hope you talk with your child about self-esteem. Below are some simple ideas:
– Use encouraging words, actions and prompts to help build self-esteem
– Praise their natural talents
– Praise their hard work
– Encourage their kindness and helpful actions
– Be a role model
– Allow them to fail to help build better coping skills
– Allow them to feel defeat so that they want to try harder for that feeling of confidence
– Allow them to feel the pride and confidence in a job well done
– Allow them to see your coping skills and how you handle various situations
– Praise them for who they are right now, watch them grow

As adults, it’s important to encourage positive actions in our children to encourage them to continue doing good things, new things and the right thing, this helps build their confidence and self-esteem. Lift your children up! Be encouraging, be positive and be their role model so that they continue to come to you for guidance and support. When our children feel confident to communicate with us, this helps continue a positive relationship and we want our children to feel confident to confide in us so that we can support their needs. It’s just as important that they learn and feel the opposite, so they strive harder to become more confident in their capabilities, their gifts, their talents and their accomplishments.

I AM brave, I AM confident, I AM limitless, I AM hopeful, I AM kind, I AM helpful, I AM ENOUGH.

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