Building confidence in children

By Joni Downey on 28th May 2021

Why is building confidence in children important?
Building confidence at an early age could make children feel better about themselves.  Think about yourself – when you lack confidence how do you feel?  You can be depressed, lazy, and settle for mediocre.  Now, think about how you feel when your confidence is high – how do you feel?  You probably feel motivated and fearless – even eager to ask for help if you need it because you’re excited about your life and want to continue advancing forward. 

Confidence goes hand in hand with making good decisions.  When a child has confidence, they can maintain a growth mindset, finding solutions rather than seeing the problems.  They are also more likely to take responsibility for their actions – the good and the bad.  Mindfulness and a positive mindset help to build your confidence, too.

Tips to teach confidence to children

  • Be a role model. Many times, we think that a child isn’t listening to what we say, or to what we do, but they are.
  • Encourage your child to explore and to try new things, as they learn that they are more than capable of these tasks, which builds their confidence.
  • Praise, building confidence, and self-esteem is not about being the best all the time, but learning to cope when you’re not.
  • Allow your child to find a passion, this helps them find their identity and builds their confidence
  • Allow your child to fail, nobody is perfect, it’s more important to help them to cope with failure, build them up, encourage them to try again, and let them know you’re proud of their efforts.

After all, it’s not if you win or lose, but how you play the game. There is a lesson to be learned from our mistakes and it’s important to learn from them. Helping a child to be aware of this at an early age is beneficial as they grow. Instead of becoming disappointed or angry that something didn’t work out the way you wanted, look for the good, look for the positive, look for the lesson and you’ll do better the next time.

Building confidence can be tricky, you don’t want your child to become arrogant! So, by modeling this trait, discussing this trait, allowing failure and learning from the lesson is part of self-esteem.

Ask your child to look in a mirror. Ask them who do they see? Is this a confident child? How can you help build confidence? Download these free printouts:

Self talk in the mirror

Nightly affirmations for kids

Journaling or writing prompts for children

Confidence coloring

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