Build Yourself a Better Brain

By Editor on 24th Feb 2020

Your lifestyle choices have a huge impact on your brain. Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, and research has intrinsically linked brain health to the food that we consume. Modern diets of highly processed food, which are full of sugar and bad carbohydrates, are impacting your brain’s health and ability to function.

On March 26 in Nashville, take part in an information-packed evening to pick up practical advice and information on how to improve your brain’s performance and health through LENS Neurofeedback, understand the importance of having a proper diet for a healthy brain, and experience a calming guided meditation session.

Nashville-based dietitians Nourished Routes offer personalized health and wellness services, including nutrition assessments, individualized meal plans, lifestyle coaching, wellness seminars, cooking classes and grocery shopping tours. Co-founders Leah Baker and Allison Tallman will discuss how diet impacts the brain, and explain what foods are best for your brain to function well. Healthy snacks and food will be provided by Nashville-based dietician Golden Roots.

Harmonized Brain Center specialises in Low Energy Neurofeedback Therapy (LENS) that is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for a range of mental health issues, including ADD, anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia. It can also help the brain self-regulate its brainwaves. Hear case studies from practitioner Sheri Rowney, as well as a conversation on the importance of looking after your brain after a concussion and brain injury, and how you can improve your brain’s health.

Meditation is a tool to combat stress and anxiety, improve mood and enhance self-awareness. Like everything, practice makes perfect, so a short daily meditation (even just 5 minutes!) will be hugely beneficial to you and your mental health. Yoga instructor MC Hoffner will lead a short guided meditation to equip attendees with the tools to meditate on their own.

Join Harmonized Brain Centers and Nourished Routes on March 26 to understand the power of brain therapy, and how what you eat impacts your brain’s health.

Tickets are available here.

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