Bizi: Vitamin Honey from Tennessee

By Editor on 11th Feb 2021

Have you heard about Bizi Vitamin Honey? 

The best way to describe this company is in one word: simple. While a college student at Belmont in Nashville, James one of the co-founders, noticed that his brother, who suffered from Crohn’s disease, was unable to get the nutrition that he needed. When he took any vitamin pills without reading every detail on the nutrition facts, his brother would suffer from an inflammation attack. The ingredients that fill many of these pills were full of extra sugars, polysaccharides, and other unwanted items that did more harm than help. 

“How can we get him the pure supplement without placing it in a pill, like most of these other companies?” asked James. The solution wasn’t as difficult as they imagined. While his brother was fighting Crohn’s he went on a diet for his symptoms, one that cut all polysaccharides out, and one of the only sweeteners that were allowed on the diet was honey.

Bizi Vitamin Honey infuses pure certified vitamins into raw Tennessee honey to make it healthier, tastier, and more convenient to get a daily dose of vitamins, which are all USP grade. Bizi Vitamin Honey packages the vitamins and honey into small honey straws that are convenient for on the go use, as well as in jars that are available at local farmer’s markets.

There are currently three different blends of Vitamin Infused Honey available, a vitamin B complex, vitamin C blend, and a vitamin D3 blend. Each vitamin serves a different purpose in the body and can boost the immune system, absorb nutrients, and aid in healing in their ways. For more in-depth information, visit the National Institutes of Health 

The use of raw Tennessee honey is very important to the founders of Bizi, they want to make sure that all the honey they use is from small farms in the USA, and by using it raw, the micronutrients stay intact and give the honey an extra nutritional quality. 

Bizi Vitamin Honey wants to make staying healthy simple and convenient for everyone. Use the code PLN20 for 20% off any in-store purchases! Check out

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