Which Physical Therapist is right for you?

By H&W on 1st Jul 2018

Nashville is home to a wide range of physical therapy clinics, all with their own specialties and areas of expertise. Determining which Nashville physical therapist is best-suited to treat a specific condition, can be difficult and complicated. Joshua Odum reviews some of the best physical therapy clinics in Nashville, each with different specialities and areas of emphasis.

STAR Physical Therapy

Angela Ferguson, marketing director for STAR Physical Therapy explains: “STAR boasts a continuing education program that allows clinicians to provide the best care they can while creating an organic experience for patients. With 65 locations in the Middle Tennessee area, STAR is also convenient to access. STAR Physical Therapy’s core competence is in manual therapy, though we offer a wide range of services including industrial rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and sports medicine.”

IPA Physio

IPA Physio is set apart by their assessment treatment approach, focus on holistic pain management, and one-on-one time between doctors and patients in 60 minute sessions. The IPA clinic in Nashville specializes in vocal health and restoration, and functional manual therapy.

Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Aspen Grove

Elite PT and Balance is notable for their focus on results, willingness to help patients find the right physician, emphasis on utilizing the latest physical therapy technology. Elite PT and Balance specializes in neurological therapy, sports medicine, and industrial rehabilitation.

Jones Therapy Services

According to Ginger Jones, founder and CEO of Jones Therapy Services: “Jones Therapy Services is a pediatric clinic serving children with a variety of needs and their families and caregivers.  We take an approach of meeting the patients and families where they are and focus heavily on parent involvement and coaching so that parents and caregivers can carryover treatment goals into the home and community environments.  We believe in building relationships with the families in order to maximize the progress that can be made with treatment.” Caption: Ginger Jones of Jones Therapy “ we believe in building relationships”.

SPROUT Occupational Therapy

SPROUT specializes in pediatric occupational therapy for conditions including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder.  SPROUT emphasizes treatment, documentation, and involvement of parents, school, and medical professionals in the treatment process. SPROUT is an out-of-network provider.

Carothers Corner-Benchmark Physical Therapy

According to a doctor at the Franklin, TN clinic: Benchmark emphasizes consistent one-on-one doctor-patient interactions, our well-developed continuing educating program, and personal development training for clinicians. The Franklin clinic offers a wide range of physical therapy services, but specializes in concussion management, dry needling, neurology, and pediatrics.”

Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy

According to Dr. Steve Kravitz: “At Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy, each treatment we provide an hour of undivided attention to you and your individual health and wellness goals. We take a full history, listen to what issues are most important to you, and study your bodies’ needs, in order to determine what hands on work will most effectively improve your quality of life… We treat you in a way that is gentle, relaxing, and can provide the same benefits of traditional rehab… Steve has been in private practice since 1998 and has advanced certifications in over 10 therapeutic disciplines including:  CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Visceral  Manipulation, Nerve Mobilization, and Orthopedic Manual Therapy.”

P3: Precision Physical Therapy and Pilates

According to Heather Cole, owner, physical therapist, and Pilates instructor of P3: Precision Therapy and Pilates: Precision Physical Therapy excels in using dance and pilates to exercise principles of physical therapy in one-on-one, 50 minute long sessions. We specialize in manual therapy, exercise therapy, dry needling, and sports therapy.”

Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute

Vanderbilt Orthopaedic specializes in sports medicine, joint replacement, and rehabilitation. Vanderbilt emphasizes academic training, personalized care, and advanced research.

Results Physiotherapy

Results emphasizes direct interactions between doctors and patients. Additionally, all doctors who work for Results have had a residency in manual therapy. Results Physiotherapy specializes in manual and exercise therapy.

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