Beard Hair Transplants Boom in Popularity

By H&W on 1st Aug 2018


If you have a patchy, thin beard and it bothers you, you can have that fixed. Beard hair transplants have grown in popularity, says Nashville’s PAI Medical Group clinic director, Michael Ramsey (pictured).  “The request for beard transplants has increased nearly 500% in the last few years. Beards, that is if you can grow one, seem to be everywhere”.

Many men, who would love to grow a beard, have suffered in silence and embarrassment because they simply can’t.  The good news is there is a permanent, natural option to reverse this problem. Michael says, “We’ve been offering beard transplants for over 15 years. It’s really quite simple. Our hair transplant surgeon harvests permanent growing hair from the back and or sides of the patient’s head.  These hairs are considered permanent and similar enough to beard hair in texture that once transplanted look as if they were there all along. Our most popular request is to fill in unattractive patchy, uneven beards,” he continues. “While we do help some men with almost no beards at all, it’s the thin patchy beard patient that seeks us out the most.

20 years ago, facial hair was considered a no-no if you wanted to advance your career in most professions. In fact, many employers prohibited beards and only partially tolerated mustaches. Today, facial hair of all kinds is accepted, and in some places, encouraged. The rise in popularity of “No-Shave November” has gotten more popular each year. From all over the country, both blue and white collar professionals in high rise offices put away their razors in November and join the movement.  The original movement started with the idea to stop shaving and donate the money spent towards a good cause.  While that’s still the reason for some, most just use it as an excuse to grow out their facial hair.  Some men find that they like their beards so much that they continue wearing them long after the November challenge is over.

Not only have work place rules softened against beards, women have begun to champion the cause. Some women, previously against beards, have changed their tunes. According to work done by Neave and shields (2008) female participants found men with stubble more attractive. Traits like masculinity, dominance, attractiveness and social maturity were used to describe these men. Light beards or stubble were considered the most attractive.  Full beards scored high for parenting skills, trust-worthiness and overall stability.  A more recent study in 2013 by Dixon and Brooks found the trend continuing. Additionally, beards can hide scars, unsightly facial features and help prop up weaker jawlines, hide wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Beards give men more options to change things up. Men don’t typically wear make-up or jewelry like women, so many men have turned to facial hair as a way to update or change their look. The growth rate in razor sales has slumped 12% from 2012 to 2016. Beard grooming products have gown during that period. Ustraa, a men’s grooming product retailer, sells beard oils, lotions and styling gels for beards. They report selling 40,000 units of beard oil a month. Searching YouTube for beard styles reveals well over 700,000 results.

Social media influencers, Hollywood celebrities and many sports figures wear beards more than ever before. These people drive trends, for better or worse. Remember the Mullet popularized by Achy Breaky Heart song crooner Billy Ray Cyrus? Usually trends like that one only last a few years and fade away.  However, beards are still going strong and there are no signs that is going to change soon. So for you guys out there with thin patchy beards who want to change things up, update your look and perhaps improve your sex appeal – now you have an option.

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