At home 15-minute HIIT workout

By Lindsay Bennett on 16th Apr 2020

A woman doing a plank

Nashville trainer Lindsay Bennett has been voted the top 10 World’s Best Trainer by Women Fitness in 2019. Here, she shares her bodyweight only, 15-minute workout to get your blood pumping at home!

Quick Squats: perform for: 30 seconds
*rest: 10 seconds
Mountain Climbers: perform for: 30 seconds
*rest for: 10 seconds
Alternating Quick Reverse Lunges: perform for: 30 seconds
*rest for: 10 seconds
Pushups (to modify, perform pushups from an incline such as a chair or bench): perform for: 30 seconds
*rest for: 10 seconds
Jumping Jacks: perform for: 30 seconds
*rest for: 10 seconds
Scissor Kicks: perform for: 30 seconds
*rest for: 10 seconds

*Rest: 30 after 1 completed round + then repeat twice more for a total of 3 rounds!

It’s important to remember that while we are stuck at home, it’s best to focus on movement! It can be tiresome to feel like you can’t get out and freely move! Remember that with a few key bodyweight movements, you can get in an effective workout! You can even incorporate high intense movements that will increase your heart rate, challenge your muscles, and burn fat!! All it takes is 15-20 minutes with bodyweight movements at an intense effort to burn calories! I used basic key bodyweight movements for this workout and upped the effort level so you can feel the burn in less than 15 minutes! This is a total body workout, so it will challenge you in various ways! The key is to move quickly and focus on form! Go at your intensity level! Whatever is challenging for you will be effective! This workout is perfect for anyone from beginner to advanced! If you want more of a challenge, just add additional rounds!

Tips for each movement:

Quick Squats:
Move quickly, focus on form! Push through your heels, squeeze your booty at the standing position. Keep your chest up and eyes straight in front of you! Remember to engage your core muscles and breathe!

Mountain Climbers:
Keep your wrists and shoulders over each other, and your hips level! Keep your hips from creeping up during the movement. They should remain still and your spine neutral! Engage your core as you drive your knee forward each time!

Alternating Quick Reverse Lunge:
Push through your front heel! All the weight should be in this heel. Keep your spine tall, and it should only move up and down vs forward/back. Squeeze your booty when you stand, this will also help with balance and stability!

This should feel like a moving plank! Your entire body should be engaged. Keep wrists and shoulders over each other, glutes (booty) engaged, and core engaged! Head should be straight/neutral with your spine. Avoid looking up. Pull your plank into the floor, then push it away with a big exhale! If you need to modify, use an incline such as a countertop, bench, or chair instead of going from your knees!

Jumping Jacks:
Keep your core engaged, shoulders pulled back and move quickly!

Scissor Kicks:
Press your low back and hips into the floor! Your hips should feel like they are locked to the floor! Keep your shoulders relaxed and palms up toward the ceiling. Lower your legs about 45 degrees and keep your core tight engaged while scissoring your legs! Remember to breathe!

You can find more of Trainer Lindsay’s workouts on her Youtube Channel or via her Instagram page.

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