ASCAP launches TuneUp program for musicians

By Jane Smith on 11th Dec 2019

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) has launched a program designed to meet the mental and physical wellness needs of music creators. TuneUp will offer ASCAP members access and discounts on services that support mental health, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition, recovery-focused support groups in multiple cities and online co-sponsored with MusicCares and wellness events in major cities.

“My wellness is more than being in the best shape I physically can be in for running around on stage each night,” said Michael Franti, a musician, humanitarian, filmmaker and activist in a statement. “It’s equally about eating well, getting enough sleep and being able to grow with the challenges that life on the road brings, without becoming so stressed that I can’t show up for my wife, kids and touring family in the way that I want to each day. Throughout my adult life, I’ve battled depression and anxiety and the music business has no shortage of pressures that can drag me down if I don’t have healthy habits in place.”

The program will include access to digital platforms and apps including, Aaptiv: a music-powered, coach-guided digital audio workouts. BetterHelp: anywhere access to therapists and mental health resources via your digital devices. Daily Burn: access to thousands of workout videos available from your home.  Motiv: a fitness and sleep tracker and Shine: a self-care app with easy exercises and a supportive community.  The program will also include recovery support and wellness events across the country.

“Creating music is an all-consuming passion and a labor of love, but you’ve got to take care of your instrument — in the case of music creators, your body, mind and spirit,” said ASCAP Chairman of the Board and President Paul Williams. “ASCAP has a long commitment to supporting the livelihoods of its songwriters and composers. With TuneUp, we’re taking that one step further. If creating music is your life, we are here to provide the resources you need to be at your creative best. This is just the beginning, and we will roll out more services in the months to come.”

For more information, click here.

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