A Sign of Strength: Stillness

By Virginia Harper on 27th Aug 2020

“When we are no longer able to change our situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor Frankle

We recognize August as the last month of the summer. The signal that summer is ending used to be the beginning of the school year. As new protocols had to be followed, even that event does not serve as a clear sign anymore. Typically, this time of the year, I would guide my clients toward slowing down and to direct the energy inward just as we see and feel the season beginning to do. But, due to these past months’ developments, we were forced to slow down as a society and for some, this was an unexpected blessing. 

The measurements we depended on that gave a sense of control over our lives have now been tested. We have been forced to stillness. And, yet while that might be unsettling for some, it is an opportunity to allow the voice inside to be heard and to listen to those gut instincts.

I know for me the more knowledge I gain about the situations that present themselves, the better life-enhancing choices I can make. Allowing a quiet space to enter as I listen, I am now responding, not reacting. The ease in trusting my inner guide truly is the antidote to distress when presented with frenzied stimuli. Someone commented to me, “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time on being anxious at the beginning of the lock-down, I would have enjoyed the peace more”.

What if you were able to function from that higher awareness and manage life from your deeper self? A person’s creative energy can quiet the reactive fear, doubt, and uncertainty too prevalent in our world. However, waves of people are awakening. Perhaps you are too. Now as nature ushers us into that time of year, brings us to the last sunset of the summer, how will you adjust to outside circumstances that seem to be nothing but static?

I have put together a one-day Covid-19 Defense workshop that promises to be enlightening, informative, and encouraging. Two lectures presented by Knoxville-based macrobiotic counselor, Greg Samples, who will lead a discussion with attendees on civil liberties and will pose the question of how we each are responsible for creating a more sustainable and empowered “new normal” for ourselves and our families. I will be demonstrating cooking methods and food choices to create a nutritionally-dense meal to fuel one’s immune system. Our bodies have this quiet powerhouse of immune defense allowing the human race to survive for thousands of years.

Empowered with answers and proactive details, you can feel more confident in making choices that will impact this next season positively. Please join us in person or online for a stimulating session on August 29th.  Call (615) 249-8287 to register. Attendees will receive a recording of the workshop.

Virginia Harper is one of the pioneers of the health awakening in Nashville. Healing herself from 2 autoimmune life-threatening conditions detailed in her book “Controlling Crohns Disease the Natural Way”. She has dedicated her life’s work to teaching others how to heal and how to create a sustainable self-care. Available for a personalized consultation. www.youcanhealyou.com

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