8 Healthy Local Catering Eateries for the Office

By H&W on 1st Aug 2018


PictureMost of us spend one-third of our day at work – that’s nearly 90,000 hours over a lifetime! So there’s plenty of opportunity for sweets, treats, and not-so-healthy eats to tempt us while getting through the daily hustle and grind. Instead of speed dialing to your standard lunch spot, Lindsey Joe (pictured) recommends one of these eight places to order healthier catering for your next office gathering. (Everyone will thank you for helping them avoid that afternoon slump!)



  1. Brown Bag. Their commitment to serving delicious, healthy food at reasonable prices every day is ideal for any office. Consider their Classic Menu or satisfying Baked Potato & Homemade Chili Bar.
  2. Sunflower Cafe. This beloved vegetarian establishment will turn even your meat-loving employees into devotees! Sunflower Cafe offers a variety of catering options, including boxed lunches or platters of their fan favorites, like their Sunflower Veggie Burgers, customizable Lettuce Wrap Platters, or even Vegan Taco Bar.
  3. Edley’s BBQ. Nothing like good ol’ barbeque to bring people together. Edley’s BBQ offers a “Meat & 2 Sides” package that you can create better-for-you by ordering their chicken and turkey with bean salad and green beans.
  4. Tazikis. The Mediterranean Diet has long been touted to be beneficial for your heart, so why not order this fresh fare for the whole office? Your co-workers will love the Grilled Chicken Feast.
  5. Calypso Cafe. They can handle small (less than 30) or large crowds to fit your office needs. Try their popular Pulled BBQ White Chicken with a variety of healthy sides.
  6. Soy Bistro. This Korean-inspired cafe can handle everything from single plates to buffet-style catering. I highly recommend one of their Teriyaki proteins with brown rice and an order of Edamame.
  7. Copper Kettle Cafe. Breakfast options can be few and far between when it comes to catering outside the typical donuts or bagels and coffee at the office. Copper Kettle Cafe offers veggie-filled Egg Scramblers, seasonal fresh fruit, and of course coffee.
  8. Mitchell Delicatessen. No need to toss the traditional boxed lunch idea from your next office gathering. Instead, give it some local love with Mitchell Delicatessen’s menu – like their Mitchell Club with seasonal fruit.


Lindsey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from Nashville, TN. She is a weight management expert, meal planning master, and TN Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nashville Media spokesperson. You can follow all her food-filled adventures at @themealplanningmethod!

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