Nashville’s best hikes

By Veronica Williams on 25th Sep 2019

Nashville is a city surrounded by lush forests and beautiful mountains. With a short drive to the Appalachian mountains and located right on the edge of the Cumberland River there are many hidden spots around Nashville for a great hike. Veronica Williams reveals some of the best.

Nashville is a growing city that has put funding towards preserving nature and wildlife trails and walks. Year round you can enjoy a short drive to a spot that feels like it is hours away from the city center.

Beaman Park Hiking Trails
Trail: Henry Hollow Loop
Location: Ashland City
Length: 2.5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate, some inclines, and small pathways
Located just a short drive from East Nashville, Beaman Park has some off the beaten trail hiking paths for the new to a more experienced hiker. Trails encompassed in trees and small creeks make for a peaceful hike. Avid Beaman-goers refer to the Henry Hollow Loop as the dog trail because of the creek and ease of walking.

Edwin Werner Hiking Trails
Trail: Harpeth Woods Trail
Location: Belle Meade
Length: 2.4 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate, inclines and obstacles
One of Nashville’s favorite parks Edwin Werner has many trails but the Harpeth Woods is a favorite of many. This two-mile trail can be challenging but absolutely worth it at points. The trail winds around to Cheekwood, so you can even make a shortstop while hiking.

Two Rivers Park
Trail: Stone Rivers Greenway
Location: Hermitage
Length: 5.7 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, paved walkway, lots of steady inclines and declines
This long Greenway is located near the Cumberland River making it ideal for anyone wanting a city and nature walk. The long trail features views of the peaceful Cumberland river, wooded areas, and even the Nashville skyline.

Bicentennial Park
Two Rivers Greenway Trail
Location: Lincoya Hills
Length: 15.2 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, paved walkways
The trail connects to the Stone Rivers Greenway
Starting at Bicentennial park walk all the way to the Stone River Greenway with the Two Rivers Greenway Trail. An incredibly long trail there are multiple places to start it. Having paved walkways it’s great if you are looking for a biking trail too!

Long Hunter State Park
Volunteer Trail
Location: Percy Priest Lake
Length: 4-5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, well marked and maintained
Located right on the banks of Percy Priest Lake this trail is a well maintained wooded trail whose calming lake sounds and wildlife are perfect for an afternoon stroll. It’s one trail people often hike up to and make a lake day out of it. This trail leads to the perfect secluded lake area where you can relax before you make the trek back.

Radnor Lake
South Lake Trail
Location: Green Hills
Length: 2.4 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, partially paved
Right in the heart of Green Hills, Radnor is a nature preserve that feels hours away from the city center. The South Lake trail is a beautiful partially paved and well maintained the flat trail that goes around the entire lake. While on trail catch deer, turkeys, owls, and many other birds. The wildlife and calming waters make it a perfect relaxing trail for first-time hikers.

Shelby Bottoms Park
East Loop Trail
Location: East Nashville
Length: 8 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, paved and flat
This great park features a playground, dog park, a small pond, and lots of walking areas! The East Loop Trail is a long paved trail that goes around the entire perimeter of the park so you can catch all the action. It’s a flat loop that is completely paved which makes it perfect for hiking, biking, and running.

Pinkerton Park
Pinkerton Park Trail
Location: Downtown Franklin
Length: 1 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, natural but flat
This quiet park located near downtown Franklin is a favorite among locals since it features a great playground for the kids. The Pinkerton Park Trail is located at the back of the park is a short unpaved trail that brings you on a nice short walk through the woods.

Ellington Agricultural Center
Rogers Walk Trail
Location: Nippers Corner
Length: 1.7 Miles
Difficulty: Easy, partially paved, steady incline
Rogers Walk Trail circles around Ellington Agricultural Center taking you by their greenhouse, horse pastures, wooded areas, flower garden, and beautiful plantation home. Located right off of Edmondson Pike it’s right in the heart of South Nashville making it easy to get to.

If you are interested in hiking more and becoming part of hiking group check out Nashville Hiking Meetup. They do several events a week including in-town hikes, volunteering opportunities, long out of town hikes, and some overnight camping trips. Meet fellow hikers on one of their weekly hikes at Radnor Lake on the South Lake Trail or Edwin Warner Park on the Harpeth Woods Trail. Interested in joining Nashville Hiking Meetup sign up at!

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