12 Nashville wellbeing and conscious living groups to join

By Veronica Williams on 22nd Oct 2019

Many activities are best done in the company of a group of like-minded and motivated individuals. If you are just starting on your wellness journey, want to find others who share your passions or perhaps want to learn more about living consciously, Veronica Williams provides a round-up of such local groups.

Nashville Hiking Meetup

Members: 19,980


Nashville Hiking Meet up is one of the largest Meet up groups in Nashville. This group goes on hikes throughout Nashville and the surrounding area. To encourage everyone to join this group they organize hikes from beginner to advanced.

Nashville Slow Riders

Members: 1,660


Looking for a group of bike riders to test out new trails and greenways in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area? Nashville Slow Riders is a member-drive organization of bikers specialize in organizing informal bike rides. It is the members job to plan rides, so join and get the whole group along for a ride!

Nashville Outdoor Adventure Club

Members: 1,589


This adventure club is all about different adventures, this social-oriented outdoor club plans indoor and activities throughout the month. Interested in badminton, kayaking, canoeing, and maybe even a board game afterwards, Nashville Adventure club is a great way to get outside and meet new people!

The Estuary – Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Support Community

Members: 1,364



From meditation to classes on self-awareness, The Estuary offers a community rooted deep in spiritual and self-awareness. Beyond having small Meet ups The Estuary center offers classes on the healing arts.

Whole-Food Plant-Based Dieters

Members: 585


Looking to grab dinner once a month with some like-minded eaters? This group focuses on finding local restaurants that over whole-food and plant-based options. They get together and discuss and support each others journeys on their plant-based journey all over a delicious Nashville dining option.

Conscious Transformation Nashville

Members: 1,038


“Create the extraordinary life you know is possible,” is the mission of Conscious Transformation Nashville. This group has meetings once a month to support each other on their personal and professional development. The group follows Joey Klein’s core teachings on how to create the life you want through conscious awareness. You can learn more about Joey’s teachings here: http://www.joeyklein.com/.

Nashville Shambhala Meditation Group

Members: 1,024


Looking for a meditation group to join. The Shambhala Meditation group is rooted in the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist scholar. Connected with the worldwide organization Shambhala you will also be connected to a worldwide organization that has classes and retreats specializing in meditation. The Meet up offers bi-weekly meditations.

Edible Week Walks and Plant Classes

Members: 1,795


Learn what to eat on a hike and how to use your backyard plants in a salad? This group organizes walks and information session to learn more about the edible plants in the area and the edible plants in your own backyard.

Nashville Reiki & Essential Oils


Led by a group of Reiki Masters and Aromatherapists this organization holds weekly Reiki shares, reiki classes, group discussions, and more. They have several different Meet ups that all focus on reiki and spreading the art of this energy healing to others. Reiki is a traditional Chinese practice focusing on the transfer of energy throughout your body. The practice of Reiki focuses on emotional and physical healing.

Stepping Out Social Dance Meetup

Members: 2,700


Salsa dancing to line dancing this social dance Meet up does it all! Check out some fun new places to dance, learn some new moves, and meet a great dance partner, this Meet up organizes events every weekend. So get out and good moving in a new and fun way


Members: 1,205


Are you looking for your new favorite Vegan restaurant? Looking for more fellow Vegans? Looking to join a group who wants to make a difference? This group of Nashville Vegans get together for everything from dinner at great Vegan restaurants around town to create community and discuss Veganism.

Inner Engineering Nashville (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes)

Members: 1,742


If you are interested in free meditation classes, yoga programs, and other social gatherings Inner Engineering Nashville partners with Isha (Institute of Inner Sciences) to bring meditation and yoga to the masses. Their Meet up offers monthly meditation for beginners and more.


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